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Terminating an Account in essensys Operate
Terminating an Account in essensys Operate

Terminate essensys Operate Accounts when Business Relationships End

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Terminating an account involves discontinuing the client and all related transactions - e.g.: billing.

To terminate an account, find the account record in Operate using the global search box next to the Operate logo or by going to Member > Accounts; where you can find it in the list and select it.

Click the pencil icon next to your record to edit it.

Under the At a Glance section, set an End Date. The account will be terminated on this date.

Make sure to click Save so that your change will take effect.

Please note: If you choose to bill old clients for post-move-out services, you can set this under Settings > General > System > Operate Settings > Billing Settings. This allows you to still invoice the client, for your chosen number of months, even after termination. Once the set amount of time passes, the Account will no longer be invoiced.  Read more about billing settings.

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