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Creating Folders to Organize Email Templates in essensys Operate
Creating Folders to Organize Email Templates in essensys Operate

essensys Operate Email Template Organization Using Folders

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When creating Email Templates within essensys, you will notice that they can be organized in folders, to make it easier for you to manage them, Here is how you can create your own folders:  We recommend using the folder structure in order to better organize your email templates - likely the most basic example on the usefulness of such an approach would be the fact that it is much easier to look for an email template in a folder that contains only templates on a certain topic, rather than looking for it in your entire list of templates.

  • Go to Settings > General, in the main navigation menu.

  • Select Templates > Email Templates.

  • You will now be shown the folders screen, where you will see any pre-existing folders and where you can create new ones.

  • Click Folder maintenance - this is an option that is displayed right at the end of your list.   

  • Click New, at the top of your Folder Maintenance screen.

  • Name your folder in the next screen, then make sure to save your changes,   

  • You will now see your folder in the list. You can edit it later, by clicking the pencil icon next to it; or you can delete it, using the “x” sign.   

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