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Logging a Call for an essensys Operate Contact
Logging a Call for an essensys Operate Contact

Log Contact Calls and Related Information in essensys Operate

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NOTE: This feature allows you to log calls, emails, SMS messages, meetings or communication related tasks. To maintain the terminology used within the Operate interface, we will further refer to it as logging a call.

To log a contact call, search for your contact using the global search box (next to the Operate logo) or go to Member > Contacts and select it from the list (by clicking the company name link).

On the contact details page, click Log a Call - The link is found in the list of options on the right side of your screen.

You can also log the call from the Activity History section.

Next, add your details:

  • Enter the Owner - the person responsible for the call.

  • Add a Subject - this could be your main point of discussion / your main message.

  • Add a Start and End Date/Time. Click the Calendar tool to choose your date and the clock to choose your time.

  • Select a log Type - You can select a task, call, email, meeting or SMS.

  • Select a Status - Choose between: Cancelled, Not Started, In Progress, Completed, Deferred or No Show.

  • Set a Priority - High, Medium or Low.

  • Set a Reminder - For calls that will take place in the the future, you can have Operate remind you 5 mins up to 24h before your scheduled call time. Tick the box to enable the reminder and select your time frame from the dropdown.

  • Tick the box to send this call to your Outlook. This will send an iCal booking to your Outlook calendar. Note that any changes in Operate will not update the iCal event.

  • Add Comments if needed.

  • Save your changes.

Once you add your call details, you can also click Complete and Book Tour to set your call status as Completed and go to the tour booking screen.

Depending on the status that you have set for the call, Operate will log it as an open task or as a record in the contact's activity history.

The statuses implying that the call is still on someone’s to-do list (Not Started, In Progress Deferred) will set the call as a task.

The statuses that essentially close the call (Cancelled, Completed and No Show) will log the call under the contact's activity history.

You can easily navigate to any of these sections by clicking their dedicated button at the top of your contact details screen.

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