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The Member Profile on the Member Portal
The Member Profile on the Member Portal

Managing Your Member Portal Profile

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On the Portal home page you will see a list of Active Members under your Profile widget:

An Active Member is a contact who has checked the 'Profile Active' in their Privacy Settings (Your Name > Privacy Settings)

The people who appear in this list are the latest 25 members to join the community, who you are not 'Following'.

If you click on See More button at the bottom of this list, you will see all the other profiles of Active Members that you are not following, beyond the latest 25.

Profile Percentage Calculation

If you want your profile to be a perfect 100% take a look below at what makes up a perfect score.

Each item on the list below counts towards 10% of your profile.

Look at your current Profile data and see what you could add from the list below.

You could tell the community more about yourself, or follow some more of your neighbours, add in some more social media links.... it all counts towards a 100% complete profile so your neighbours can get to know you better.

  1. Fill in First name, Last Name, Who do you work for? and Email

  2. Upload a Profile picture

  3. Upload a Company Logo

  4. Tell everyone What is your job title?

  5. Enter at least 4 tags

  6. Fill in Tell the community what you do

  7. Tell everyone Interesting facts about yourself

  8. Fill in What I care about

  9. Fill in 3 social media connections

  10. Follow at least 10 people.

You can see how complete a person's profile is by looking in their Contact record in Operate.

We suggest creating a View as the best way to do this.

Step 1: Go to the Accounts Module and click on Contacts and then click on 'Create a New View':

Step 2: Give your New View a name and add a filter as shown to restrict the list to Active Profiles only:

Step 3: Include the Portal Profile % field in the columns to display:

Step 4: Save your view and you will return to a list of all Active Profiles and be able to see the % completed of your Contacts' Profiles:

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