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essensys Platform - Smart Access - View Access Log

How do I view the logs created when users access spaces? | Access logs | Door Access | Site Access

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View the access log for Smart Access at a particular site. This report allows you to understand which users are accessing which doors, when, and if those users are experiencing Denial of access.

Note: There are a number of logs associated with Smart Access. For information about these other report types, see: Smart Access - Doors.

Opening the access log

From Smart Access > Access log:

  1. Select the site that you want to see accesses for.

  2. Filter your report to show those details you are interested in:

    1. Use the calendar tools to select the time period you are interested in.
      The report reflects the local time at the site. This means that, if your site is in the UK, the reported access times will be in Greenwich mean time (GMT).

    2. Optionally, filter the search to show accesses with particular details.

Filters are applied on selection. For more information about the report, see Report details.

Access log details (report)

Page: Smart Access > Access log.

Access log filters



Download CSV

Create and download a CSV document containing the access log.

Note: The downloaded CSV is filtered with reference to the current selections.


Enter search text to filter the results by. The text search is based on the door name and user email address, and is applied as you type.

Start and End date:

  • From <date>

  • To <date>

Use the two calendar tools to filter the log to show only those accesses between the selected dates.

By default, today's date is selected.


Where there are more line items than fit on a single page, use the pagination controls at the top right to:

  • See how many pages of results there are.

  • Move between the pages, including skipping to the first and last pages.

  • Go directly to a specific page.

Show all:

  • Access denied

  • Access allowed

  • Card

  • NFC

  • QR code

The default, All statuses, shows all accesses regardless of status.

You can filter the access list to show only those tasks where access is allowed or denied, or where the method is card, NFC, or QR code.

Report details (list of accesses)



Access time

The local time at the selected site, when the access was made or attempted.


The name of the door.


Where recorded, the email address of the user who attempted the access.

Note: This field is empty where the user does not have an email address. This is only possible where access was denied or where the user is an access user.


The method used to access the door:

  • Card

  • NFC

  • QR code


The identifier for the access device used to request access to the door.


The outcome of the attempt to access the door:

  • Allowed

  • Denied


Traces the reason for the access either being allowed or denied.

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