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essensys Platform - Smart Access - Assign direct doors to spaces
essensys Platform - Smart Access - Assign direct doors to spaces

How do I indicate where my door is located? | Assign space | Direct Door | Not assigned

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Assign your doors to the site, floor, or space that they provide direct, physical, access to. These doors are called direct doors, since they are used to directly enter the space. Each direct door should be assigned to exactly one space, but each space can have multiple direct doors.

Info: The names of the direct doors and of the spaces are both defined by you, apart from the Floor. The space "Floor" appears on every floor and its direct door may be the main door for a single office space on that floor, the elevator door that gives access to the floor, or both.

Assign doors to spaces

Important: Doors are loaded into the system by essensys partners on your behalf. If you need to add access control to additional or different doors, contact us.

Before you begin

  • You must have created your spaces in the essensys Platform before you can assign entrance doors to them. For details, see Space management.

Accessing the Doors page

  1. Click Smart Access in the main menu.
    The Smart Access page opens.

  2. Click the name of your Site.
    By default, the Doors page is open, showing the list of card readers at your site. For details, see Doors (list view).

Assign your doors to your spaces

Note: This is a drag and drop process where you drag an unassigned or mis-assigned door to the correct site, floor, or space.

From the Doors page:

  1. Click Assign doors from the top-right of the page.
    The Assign doors dialog box opens.

  2. Assign Direct doors to their spaces:

    1. Assign your main entrance door to your site:

      1. From the left-hand panel, select Site.

      2. Drag the door that represents your main entrance from the Unassigned doors list (right) and drop it into the Doors column in the center of the page.

    2. Assign doors to each of the spaces on each of your floors:

      1. From the left-hand panel, select a floor.
        The floor that you have selected is highlighted, and the center panel is updated with details of the spaces on that floor.

      2. Drag a door that represents the entrance to one of your spaces from the Unassigned doors list (right) and drop it into the Doors column alongside the space it is the entrance for.

      3. Repeat as required.

  3. Once you are happy that all of your direct doors are assigned to their spaces, click Assign.
    The door / space assignment is created and the dialog box closes.

Assign doors




  • Site

  • X Floor

The column on the far-left describes the site and each of the floors at the site.

Selecting an option in this column updates the center column to show the spaces associated with the selected option.


  • Site entrance or Floor entrance

  • Spaces

The column in the center of the dialog box shows spaces on the selected floor.

  • At the top of the center panel is the table representing the site or floor entrance.

  • Beneath this, except at the site level, are each of the spaces on that floor.

Each table is split into two columns:

  • The first column describes the space.

  • The second column describes the direct door used to enter the space. You can drag and drop doors into this space to assign them.

Unassigned doors

The unassigned doors list shows all of the doors at the site that have not yet been assigned to spaces.


  • You can filter this list by typing part or all of a space name into the Search field.

  • You can drag a door from this list to the Space column in the center field to create the association between the two.

  • You can remove an existing association, by either dragging the space out of the center field or clicking X.

  • Assign

  • Cancel

  • Click Assign to close the dialog and save all of your changes.

  • Click Cancel to close the dialog and discard all of your changes.

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