How does it work?

By setting list prices to your office, virtual and service products you can control the maximum percentage that a sales person can discount against when they generate the license.

If a license is created and is discounted past the percentage threshold against a set list price then it cannot be activated or issued without approval.

Nominated approvers will be sent an email with details of the license and an ability to approve or reject the license. The user who requested approval will then be notified by email of the decision, as well as feedback on why the license was rejected if that was the outcome. 

Enabling Licence Approval

Go to Settings > General > Customize > Licences > Approvals and configure the three sections on the screen to enable license approval.

Step 1 - Enable Locations

Tick the Approvals enabled check box for each location where you want to use approvals, then set the percentage below list price which will trigger a license to require approval. 

Step 2 - Enable Approvers & User Specific Approval Levels

Tick the Can Approve Licenses check box against each user who you wish to have the right to approve or reject licenses. Users which can approve or reject licenses are exempt from the license approval process if they generate their own license. 

Optional: You may also nominate users (typically senior sales people) who can discount licenses to a custom percentage, which will supersede any percentage set for any site. Leave the percentage at 0 to disable this.
Optional: You may also want to trigger an approvals process for every licence, in which case you should enter -1 in the approval percentage

The Licence Approval Process

1. Staff Member Requests Approval

When a staff member who does not have approval rights is creating a Licence that provides a discount over the specified percentage (as shown above), or adds non-standard terms to the Licence, then their Licence editing area will display a notification that their Licence needs approval. Here is where they have the possibility to click Request Approval. Once doing so, the Licence will be saved and the user redirected to the Licences List View.  

2. Supervisor Approves or Rejects

Nominated approvers receive an email notification informing them about the Licence that needs approval. The email will contain the following information: 

  • Who has requested approval
  • The client for whom the Licence has been created
  • The contract value
  • The contract list price
  • The percent below the list price
  • The lead source
  • The contract start date
  • The contract term
  • The value of the deposit. 

The email will contain two buttons: Approve and Reject

To approve, simply click the corresponding button and the licence will be immediately approved and the requester notified via email. The Licence Status will change to Approved.

To reject, click the corresponding button, provide some feedback in the Reject Reason box, then submit. The Licence will be instantly rejected and the requester notified via email. The email will contain the rejection as well as the received feedback. The Licence Status will change to Unapproved.

3. Staff Member Activates the Licence or Resubmits for Approval

If the Licence is approved, then it can be activated right away without any other additional steps. 

If the Licence is rejected, then it can only be approved if the product/service that is discounted over the approved percentage is edited and the discount adjusted to fit the approved percentage. Otherwise, the activation is also possible if the supervisor suggests specific changes and these are implemented. At this point, the Licence can be resubmitted for approval.

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