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Sending Mass Emails from within essensys Operate
Sending Mass Emails from within essensys Operate

This article takes you through the methods you can use to email your members from within Operate

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There are two primary methods to send mass emails from within Operate: 

  • The Email Campaigns feature. 

  • The Member > Emails area, which we will be discussing in this article. 

Mass Emails work based on Mailing Lists, which you will need to have created before sending a message.

To create an email message that you want to send to your members, go to Member > Emails, then click New.

Next, give your email message a name - this is what will appear within your list of emails.

Select an Email Template if you have already created one, or enter the text of your message in the editor below. If you would like to use a template, you can use the same editor area to edit that template. 

Cick Next to continue. 

On the next screen, you will need to set up a few parameters: 

  • Email From - Here is where you can select what address will appear as the Sender Email on your message. This address will need to be registered as an Operate user - simply use the dropdown to select one. If you need to create a user for this purpose, please read this article for more information.

  • Email From Name - This allows you to choose what name will be displayed as the Sender. 

  • Mailing List - You will need to create a Mailing List first, then you can simply select it here. Click Add below and Operate will automatically add it to the 'To' field. 

  • To - This field determines who receives your message. You can add a mailing list here, as shown above, or enter individual email addresses.

  • Reply To - When someone replies to the email you send now, their reply will come through to the address you select under this field. It can be the same one as the sender, or different. 

  • Subject - This should be a short overview of your message.

  • Test Email Address - This is a field where you can enter an email address to which you can send a test email to ensure it arrives correctly. Use the Send Test button below to do so. Please be aware that if you have used any merge fields in your email, they will not populate in the test email. 

Click Next when you are ready to continue. 

If you are ready to send your message, click Send Now. Otherwise, click Save to come back to it later.

All of your sent and saved messages are available under Member > Emails.

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