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Implementing the essensys Operate Mobile App
Implementing the essensys Operate Mobile App

Allow your members to book rooms, pay invoices and interact with you via the Operate Mobile App

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The Operate Mobile App lets you take your offering to the next level by making it easy for your members to book and pay for meeting rooms from the convenience of their smartphone. Linked here is a full list of benefits. This knowledgebase article will take you through the basics you need to configure in Operate in order to get started using the app. 

If you are an Enterprise customer, you can start getting everything set up as follows:

  • Prepare your marketing assets for your app store entry

  • Create your app store account(s) in Google Play and Apple App Store

  • Start creating your News Feed content in Operate for the home screen

  • Upload any meeting room images where necessary

Features and Setup

1. Member Access

To enable your members to log in, you need to add them as Contacts within Operate or invite them to the Portal. You also need to set them up with the appropriate access level. 

Once invited, your members can easily create their own password, download the app and log in. 

2. News Feel / App Homepage

You can use the News Feed feature to easily create a useful and friendly app homepage. Here is how to configure it in Operate. If you were using the Portal and had Announcements enabled, you will need to replace them with the News Feed, which provides similar functionality with more features, such as tags or pinning.

3. Bookings

Your members can easily book and pay for workspace in a few clicks. All of your rooms in Operate can automatically be made available in the app. Each user has the option to book rooms at their home location and at other locations (as long as your Meeting Room record is configured so that it is made available at the home location of the user who is making the booking. (See the 'Availability' section on the Meeting Room Product)

We support payments via GoCardless, Stripe or PlacePay

Your members can add their bookings to their monthly invoice instead of paying right away (just edit their Account record and enable 'On Account' for them). 

Mobile bookings can also be made using Credits

You can manage mobile bookings just as you do those in Operate and the Portal - using the Operate Calendar.

4. Invoices

For users with Admin access, the app allows invoice payments as well. Invoices are made available in a separate tab that is easy to navigate and displays the list of invoices, as well as their status (paid, unpaid or overdue). They can search and view their invoices, set a payment reminder or pay right away. Just as for bookings, we support GoCardless, Stripe and PlacePay as payment gateways.

5. Member Directory

Here is where your members can search and view the public profiles of others in your workspace community. Everyone will be listed here as long as they opt to have their community profile active (this option is available to edit on the Contact record). 

6. Member Profile

Members can view and edit their own public profile, right from within the app.  

7. Feedback 

Members can submit feedback containing an image, which will be sent to the "Priority Email address" set in your Portal Feedback settings, within Operate. Learn more about the Feedback App.

8. Push notifications 

You can use the Operate Mobile App to send push notifications from within the Operate Mobile section or as part of your News Feed Posts. Learn more about Push Notifications.

9. Language Support 

The Operate Mobile App is available in French, German, Spanish and Polish and will automatically display in one of these languages as long as it is set as default on the user's device.

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