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Setting up Your Member Portal
Setting up Your Member Portal

The Overall Member Portal Setup Process

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The Member Portal is an online member portal providing your members with a way to book and view meeting rooms and desks, view and pay invoices; collaborate & connect as a community. The portal is designed to be responsive, allowing members to access vital pages from their phone, tablet or laptop.

Before you can go through with these steps, your Portal needs to be built and branded. Please reach out to your Success manager to set this up. The building and branding are marketplace features, unless you are on the Enterprise edition of Operate. 

Getting Started

To start configuring your Member Portal, search for Portal in the global search box, next to the Operate logo, then select OperatePortal. Alternatively, go to Settings > General > Portal > Operate Portal

If you do not see this section in your system, you will need to install it. Go to Settings > Integrations > Portal and search for the Operate Portal app. Click Install on the right to install it. Once this is done, you will see it listed as shown above.    

Step 1 - Set up Your Portal

  • Name your Portal - The Portal name is what is displayed as the tab title when the Portal is open in a browser.

  • Enter your Master Email Address - The master email address is the actual email address that your users will receive all Portal notifications from (unless specified otherwise within the email templates). Please note that your IT team will have to create an email address within your email system to ensure that messages are successfully delivered from the portal..

  • Select your Portal\s country and currency.

Step 2 - Add Your Social Media

Use social media to improve visibility of your portal. Allow members the option of signing in with existing profiles from other social media sites.

If you wish to have a link to the icons (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) on your Member login page, that takes the member directly to your social pages, please enter your social media details into the Fan Page, Twitter and LinkedIn Profile URL fields.

Here is where you can also enable Single Sign On (SSO) to allow your members to use their social media profiles to sign into your Portal.

Step 3 - Add Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ will be displayed on the Portal login page ONLY if you add content into the relevant editor window in the Operate Portal set up.

By logging in, the member is accepting and agreeing to abide by the terms you have laid out. This content is also populated on the dropdown menu under the member’s name once they are logged into the Portal.

Step 4 - Activate Your Locations

The maximum number of locations you activate should match the number of Portal location licenses that you have contracted for with Operate.

Click on Activate to activate a site and Deactivate if you ever want a location to be deactivated.

Step 5 - Set Up Your Portal URL

Use this setting to map one of your own domain names to the Portal and use it instead of the default URL. 

To enter your Vanity URL, click the Edit button on the right of your settings page.

You will need to configure your DNS record for the vanity domain as a CNAME pointing to address mentioned within your Settings. 

Once you have configured the vanity domain as a CNAME, click the Verify button below. This will start the process of provisioning an SSL Certificate required in order for your vanity URL to work - this can take up to 1 hour.

The status of your setup is available at the bottom of your Settings page. 

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