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essensys Operate Accounts Overview
essensys Operate Accounts Overview

Overview and Features of the Accounts Module in essensys Operate

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The Accounts module is where Operate stores all of your prospect, customer and broker information.

An Account is either a Customer, Prospect or Broker.

You can manage your accounts under Member > Accounts. The module can also be customized under Settings > General > Customize > Accounts. You can search for an account through the global search box next to the Operate logo, just as you would any other record, but you can also use the in-section search filter. Read more about searching for records.

Types of Accounts

There are three default types of accounts within Operate:

  • Prospect - This type of account is used for prospective customers.  Prospect will not be able to book meeting rooms or add services.

  • Customer - A Customer Account is typically created for an individual or organization that purchases any product or service from you, this could be a long term tenant, someone who books meeting rooms, an event attendant, etc.

  • Broker - Used for broker accounts.

You can create more types of accounts by customizing the module and adding new record types. Read more on customizing record types.

Account Module Features

The Accounts module comes with a wide variety of features that allow you to efficiently manage your accounts.

Available Account Information

This table lists the information that can be associated to an account within Operate. This information is accessible by looking for the desired account using the global search or by going to Member > Accounts and selecting the desired member account.

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