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Using Group Accounts in essensys Operate
Using Group Accounts in essensys Operate

Use essensys Operate Group Accounts to Manage Clients who Rent in Different Buildings

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Group Accounts are a great way to organize Operate Accounts that belong to the same customer, who rents space in different locations that you manage. 

A Group Account represents one main customer account group to which sub- accounts of the same customer can be assigned. 

This feature is useful when you manage each of your locations under a different legal entity and the accounts that you want to group belong to the same client company, renting space in different buildings. In such a case, you would need to create multiple account for the same company, under each of your legal entities, then create one Group Account that includes both/all of those belonging to the same client. 

Creating a Group Account

To create a Group Account:

  • Go to Member > Group Accounts

  • Click New.

  • Name your Group. 

Your group is now created and ready to have accounts assigned to it. 

If you want your Group Account record to include more than the name, you can customize the page layout and add further fields - either standard or custom

Assigning Accounts to a Group Account

There are two ways to make this assignment: 

  • If the Account record has not yet been created, you can simply access the Group Account from under the Member > Group Accounts section, scroll down to the list of Accounts and click New. This allows you to create it from scratch, using the regular Account creation process. You can also create it from under Member > Accounts and select the Group Account while adding the customer to your system. 

  • When your customer's account has already been created, you can create the group, then go to Member > Accounts and find your customer. Edit the Account record using the pencil next to it, then under the At a Glance section, simply select the Group Account within which you want to include it. 

You can update the same field by going to Member > Accounts then selecting the Account(s) you want to include in a specific Group Account. With your Account(s) selected, click Update > Group Account

Invoicing and Portal Login for Group Accounts

All Accounts included under a Group Account will have the same Portal Login Credentials and the admin level contacts will be able to use their portal login on behalf of all accounts included within the group. Portal admins will therefore be able to view invoices and account statements across accounts.

If your payment gateway is PlacePay, then Autopay does not work across Accounts from within the same Group Account. As such, admins will only be able to turn on Autopay for the Account record to which they are associated. If, for instance, you have group accounts created for the same customer who rents across Locations, they will need to turn on Autopay for each Location separately.

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