If the phone number is logged in to one of the digital device types, you can log in and out of the handset remotely using the essensys Platform:

  • Log in happens when you set up your device / handset details and select the Phone ID (also known as a FSHID) for the handset you want to log in to.

  • This process describes how to log out and return the handset associated with the Phone ID to the pool of available handsets.

Note: The digital device types include Mitel Flex, Polycom Flex, and Yealink Flex devices.

Log out from a device / handset

Before you begin

Accessing the Phone number details

  1. Access the phone number details for either the operator or an occupier:

    1. To access the telephony details for the operator:

      • Click Account in the main menu.

      • Select the Telephony tab.

      • Select the <site>.

    2. To access the telephony details for an occupier:

      • Click Occupiers in the main menu.

      • Select the <occupier>.

      • Select the Telephony tab.

      • Select the <site>.

  2. If the list of phone numbers is not visible (the number of phone numbers is presented), click the drop-down icon.

All of the phone numbers that have been allocated for the selected occupier or the operator at this site are presented in a list.
Tip: You can filter this list using the options to its top-right.

Logging out from a device

When hovering your cursor over the phone number:

  1. Click Logout handset.

    The Logout confirmation dialog box opens.

  2. If you are sure that you want to log out, click Logout.
    The process to log out of the handset begins.
    After a short delay a confirmation message opens, indicating that the log out process is complete.

  3. Click OK to close the message.

The phone number is logged out of the handset.

What next?

You will need to either log in to another handset or log in to your softphone app to continue to make calls from this phone number. For details, see:

  • For details describing set up your device and log in, see Set up device / handset details.

  • For details describing how to enable your softphone app, see Enable softphone. Note: How to log in to your softphone app is outside of the scope of this documentation.

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