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Using Operate Reports in View Mode
Using Operate Reports in View Mode

View reports, filter or export them, all from one user-friendly screen

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Operate Reports are available to view, without having to access the editing options. This allows higher security, because it can be used to grant access to the View Mode only, with full or limited access to data. Find out more about user security features by reading Operate User Access and Security Groups.

Viewing A Report

  • Log into Operate at

  • Go to the Reports section. 

  • Find the report you need (by browsing the list or using the search box on the right) and click on its name, as shown below. 

  • You will now be taken to the screen below, which comprises three major areas: Report options, Filters and Data.

Report Options

The top area of the report viewer contains the title, as well as a number of buttons which allow you to perform a series of tasks. 

From left to right, here are the available options: 

  • Export options: The Export to CSV, Printable View (PDF) and Printable View (Excel) are different ways to export the report for external use. These options are discussed in detail in our guide on Exporting Operate Reports

  • Email: This option allows sending the report via email and is discussed in Emailing an Operate Report

  • Schedule: This allows the creation of a recurring report schedule, to send to relevant staff. Read more in Scheduling an Operate Report

  • Back to List will take you back to the main Reports section. 

  • Delete and Edit are only visible if you have the corresponding permissions and they allow you to remove or update your report respectively. 


This area allows you to narrow down the data displayed by your report. Please be aware; however, that the filters will be restricted to the user security group settings. So, for example, if one only has access to one particular Location, then all of your filters will be restricted to it without an admininstrator having to make any report configuration in this sense. 

Here are the general filtering options on a report's View Mode;

Date range

This filter lets you select between which dates your report pulls data from.

  • The available filters are: Custom, All Time, Today, Break Month: From Month/To Month; This Week, This Month, This Quarter, This Year, Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month, Last Quarter, Last Year, and Up till Now, Up Until. 

Quick Filters

These allow you to narrow down your data to a specific Organization, Location, Client Type, Account, Product Group or Product. 

To apply a quick filter: 

  • Click on the area you want to filter by (e.g. Organizations).

  • On the next screen, (which looks the same for all quick filters) look for the organization(s) [or location(s), client type(s), etc] that you want to display data for. Use the Search box on the right or simply browse the list. Tick the box next to the item you want to select. Please remember that the items you see here depend on the access permissions you have in Operate. 

  • You can Clear the Filter using the corresponding button at the top right.

  • You can Cancel or Save, as required.

  • Once you apply a filter, this will be listed next to the quick filter area in the report's View Mode. In the example below, for instance, we can see that our report is filtered to 1 Organization. 

If the 'Display Filter Criteria' option has been enabled when creating the report, the preview area and both the .pdf and excel print views will show those criteria.


This is where Operate displays the data that corresponds to your selected filters and according to the initial setup of the report (as created during the editing process). If you use any of the filters explained above, your data preview will update accordingly. 

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