This guide will give you an overview of steps to take in order to have your Operate fully configured for the best experience:

Getting started - Setup Checklist

When you first log into Operate, we will take you through a Setup Checklist, which shows you some of the basic information that the system needs in order for you to be able to start adding clients, members, rooms (products) and other details.

You can access the Checklist from the navigation bar at the top of the screen. If you have permanently hidden the Checklist and want to bring it back, navigate to Settings > General / Getting started > Advanced features

Further configure your Organization

This is a key section to complete, as it represents the core of your system information. Here is where you decide your client types, the currencies and exchange rates you work with or the tax rates that apply to your business.

  1. Configuring your Organization Details

  2. Managing Currencies and Exchange Rates

  3. Managing Tax Rates

  4. Configure Client Types.

Edit Your User Profile

This step allows you to personalize your profile, add a photo and customize your email signature for future email communication.

  1. Read more on editing your profile.

  2. Edit your email signature.

Add more users and manage security groups

It’s time to add your staff to Operate and set permissions according to the access level you want each user to have.

  1. Read more on how to manage users. 

  2. See how to manage user security groups. 

Create Templates

Templates will make communication and issuing documents a lot easier for your business. Make sure to create templates for your emails, invoices, credit notes, licence agreements, etc.

Please see the guides corresponding to each type of template below:

  1. Credit Note Templates

  2. Document Templates

  3. Email Templates

  4. Function Sheet Templates

  5. Invoice Templates

  6. Licence Templates

  7. Payment Receipt Templates

  8. Proforma Templates

  9. Reservation Cancellation Templates

  10. Reservation Confirmation Templates

  11. Reservation Provisional Templates

  12. SMS Templates

  13. Statement Templates

  14. Till Receipt Templates

Set up Workflows

To automate repetitive actions within your organization, we recommend creating some workflows that can perform actions for your - for instance sending email/SMS notifications or reminders; or updating fields within the system. There is a number of pre-configured workflows already available; but you can also create your own.

  1. Read more about workflows. 

  2. Why use workflows?

  3. Learn how to set up a workflow.

Set up LeadDADI

LeadDADI can be a great lead source for your workspace and you can connect it to Operate in order to manage all of your leads in one place.

  1. Setting up LeadDADI

Configure System Settings

Before you start implementing Operate, you might want to explore the system settings and see if there is anything you would like to change in order to customize the system even further. These configuration options are available in the Operate Settings main menu section, under General > System > Operate Settings.

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