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Operate - Customization Overview
Operate - Customization Overview

Overview of Operate's Customization Features

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Your workspace business is unique - with its own vision, approach and peculiarities. At the same time, a personalized experience is many times the key to successful client interactions. Thus, understanding the current challenges faced by the workspace industry today, Operate has been built with a high degree of customization in mind.

In this article, we will cover the many aspects that you can customize within Operate, to help you incorporate your vision and your desired customer experience.

There are a few general elements that are customizable throughout most areas: fields, page layouts, views, record types, templates for different documents or messages, products, reports, automated processes, users and access.

Below is a detailed breakdown of customization options, within different modules of Operate:

Accounts and Contacts 

Calendars (Bookings) 

Add custom templates for all booking related documents.


Locations, Products and Inventory Items 

Charges and Billing 

While Operate comes with a predefined configuration for financial processes, to help you get started, you can customize many elements that are specific to your business.


  • There is an extensive list of reports available for you to run right away; however you can also create your own, using virtually any data you have stored within your account. You can choose what you would like to look into (for example leads or occupancy); select a custom date range, select your desired location or account; and also use advanced filters, such as field names, operations and values.

Opportunities, Leads and Sales

Operate helps automate and customize your opportunities, lead generation and sales process through a wide range of features:

Users and Security Groups 


Workflows are automated rules that act according to your own preferences. 

Company Profile 

Community Portal

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